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You are looking down through the joint
at the street 5 parking levels below.

The bats at the mall

I've been watching the bats in the Macy's/Foleys
parking garage at North Star mall in San Antonio, Texas
for over five years. This colony has been controlling
the insect population for a long time. You cannot mistake
the smell of the guano this time of year. It's a small price to
pay have each of these bats clean an average of 600 insects
per night out of the surrounding area. There are still bats
in the garage. They will have cleared out by Christmas.
I'm going to be posting the pics I take of these babies
right here. I will be taking pictures of them before
they leave the garage for the winter. THEN I will keep
an eye on the garage to see when they return.

Page update = July 7, 2000