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Mexican Free-tail Bats

The Mexican Freetail Bat is a very special bat.
They are the most prolific bat in Texas. They are Texas' official flying mammal.
Mexican Freetail bats can consume an estimated 600 to 1,000 mosquito sized insects.
In south Texas and New Mexico they start in late spring and continue into late fall.
The farmers in the area love the bats because they keep the insect population in check.
A full grown Mexican Freetail's body is about 3 inches long, and the
wing-span is about 10 to 12 inches when the wings are open.

Mexican free-tail Bats are the reason that my friend Amanda Lollar
devoted her life to bat rehabilitation. Her first bat was named Sunshine.
She was a Mexican free-tail bat. She wrote a book about her experience.

Click the book to see her site. Maybe make a donation to help feed the bats.

I met Amanda last fall and she told a group of school children that her
favorite bat is the Mexican free-tail bat. She has several Mexican free-tail
bats the she has rescued and she has to feed twice a day. She says that
each of the bats has its own special personality. She knows each one and
she hand feeds them through small small hypodermic syringes.

Texas' Official FLying Mammal

Bats exiting the Bracken Cave
Smaller Bracken Pics

Pic of one of the white bats at the Bracken Cave

They live between the joints of the parking garage
I don't see them by themselves as much as bunched up together
but I do see it. These are the ones that don't notice me right away
when I am trying to get light and focus. This digital cam has no zoom on it.
The most AMAZING Bat Pic I've ever taken
A good pic at the North Star parking garage
A bunch of bats huddled together

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