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The Pearl of the Orient

Hello David!
You have just been hired by a large Travel Agency.
Your first job is to plan a trip to Japan that appeals
to people who want to experience the culture of Japan
and learn about the country's history at the same time.
Plan your trip to include stops at both historical sites
and places that are good examples of the Japanese Culture.

The Task
You are the travel agent.
Your company is trying a new approach to traveling.
The people you want to attract are people who like
to take vacations where they learn new things and experience
the culture of the people in the country they have chosen.
Concentrate on places in Japan that are landmarks and
are of historical and cultural significance.
This is a ten day trip. Choose one or two main attractions that
you think the travelers will really enjoy seeing that are
within a day's travel distance. Then look for other places
that are in that area. Choose eight places for your travelors to
see. Day one and day ten are reserved for arriving and departing.
All you need to do is plan the sites they will see.
You do not need to provide for lodging, transportation or the meals
The only part of the trip you are working on is the itinerary.
You will be their guide so choose landmarks and places of historical
significance that you would want to see. You also want to make sure
places that you choose are going to be interesting to other people.
Show your WebMaster what Japan has to offer the tourist who loves to LEARN!

The Process
1. Keep a journal of your thoughts while you are planning your trip.
There should be at least 10 entries. Each entry should be 6 sentences
long, but no more than a page. These entries should be your thoughts
that come to you while you are working. These thoughts will only be seen
by the webmaster/instructor. The journal will not be posted on the website.
Date each entry and save it to one file. Name that file DavidsJournal.
2. Identify historical and/or cultural significance of
each of the stops on your trip. The places you are stopping
may include both, but are not required to have both cultural
and historical significance. How do these places help define
the culture of the country you are visiting?
3. Plan an itinerary for the trip. Plot the stops in order on
a map. This is to be a very simple map. You may draw this map,
trace this map from a book, or find a simple one to copy on a
copy machine to label and number each your stops in the order
the travelers will visit them. If you trace or copy a map make
sure to cite the source where you found your map.
4. Write at least 6 sentences, but no more than 20 that describe
each place that the trip will stop. A link may be incorporated
into the description. Please let the webmaster know what link
you want to use. Use the links on the resource page.
Other links that show historical or cultural sites maybe used
with parent/webmaster approval. Email the link to your webmaster.
Your webmaster will compile your links and descriptions into a webpage.
5. Build one Power Point presentation about one place to see
in Japan that is both culturally and historically significant.
Make your presentation five slides in length, with one more
slide to cite your sources. Slide one is your title slide.
Please include the location and a photo of you attraction on
your title slide. Place the information that shows what an
interesting place you have chosen on slides two, three and four.
Use slide five to conclude your presentation. You may use your
resource pages to collect photos and interesting facts about your
chosen site. Please email this assignment to your webmaster
when you have completed it.
6. Make a list of at least 7 but no more than 10 similarities
and differences between the culture you are studying and the
mainstream culture of the United States. Use this list to
help you write your final paper.
7. Write your final paper - see conclusion below
8. The teacher is the webmaster, make sure your instructions are clear.

WebQuest Task Checklist
Due Dates and
Evaluation Rubrics

Your last task.
Write a paper 2--5 page in paragraph form telling your Webmaster
What you think your tourists learned about on their trip by
telling me what you have learned on the trip. Describe at
least the six stops, eight would be better. Tell about the
historical and cultural significance of each stop.
Choose the ideas that you think are most important to you.
The paper may be done in "I" language since you
are telling your Webmaster what you learned.
You may also include any discussion you have with your
parents, your martial arts instructor, or anyone that
your parents think would add something to the paper
that is relevant to the topic. Make sure to use quotations
when you are writing words that the person actually said.
Be sure to identify what is opinion and what is experience.
Include a webliography page to cite the links you are
using to get your information.

Resource Page

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