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TEKS are presented in order
as they appear on the TEKS Website

The TEKS are the same for the

(2) To support the teaching of the essential knowledge
and skills, the use of a variety of rich primary and
secondary source material such as biographies and
autobiographies; novels; speeches and letters; and
poetry, songs, and artworks is encouraged. Selections
may include Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.
Motivating resources are also available from museums,
art galleries, and historical sites.
(6.3) Geography. The student uses maps, globes, graphs,
charts, models, and databases to answer geographic questions.
(6.15) Culture. The student understands the similarities and
differences within and among cultures in different societies.
The student is expected to:
(B) describe some traits that define cultures;
(C) analyze the similarities and differences
among selected world societies;
(6.17) Culture. The student understands relationships that
exist among world cultures. The student is expected to:
(A) explain aspects that link or separate cultures and societies;

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