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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
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Attention Deficit Disorder is one of the
most misunderstood handicapping conditions that
children and adults deal with. It has been doubted,
made fun of and ignored for far too long. Some prefer
to call it a difference, not a disorder. Some also prefer
to blame other people for their own or their children's
behavior due to ADD/ADHD.

Since the Simpson's episode where Bart is
diagnosed with ADD and put on a habit forming
drug it has stepped up my resolve to communicate
correct information about this condition.

Unless you live with this,
you do not know what it is like.

In case you didn't read is my story - the Reader's
digest version. It is always a work in progress, because my
history is a painful one. I was not well liked in school.
I was teased a lot and very misunderstood. As I learn more
and more about ADD/ADHD and deal with ADD/ADHD children in
my classroom, I see more and more why I was not well liked!
I take my kids aside when they begin to act like I did and
try to explain to them how they are percieved. It does not
always make an impression with the child I am talking to, but
sometimes it does. I have also seen what I have said to them
make sense to them later when they have had time to think about
it. They also need to realize I'm not telling them these
things to hurt them. It's hard for kids to separate things
and not take it personally. I just keep trying. Even feel
if it sets in years later, and I never know about it, I still
it's worth it. No one cared enough to take that kind of time
to explain to me what I was doing in such a way that I could
hear it. Maybe that's why I understand misunderstood kids.
Lemons to Lemonade.
My Story

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