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Bat's Place

Welcome to my WebPage.
This is my personal page.
I initially created this page to help educated people about bats.
I've been an avid photographer for years. I then learned how to use paint Shop Pro.

I created all of the graphics on these pages.

I found that I enjoy working with graphic files, especially my own photography. I found that I
could display my photos of bats in the San Antonio area. There are lots of them here.
They help us more than most of us know. Bats really are our friends. Without them this
city would be over-run with insects. Most bats are NOT rabid, but if you
see one on the ground, leave it alone! It's best to play it safe.

Nature photos have been a favorite of mine since I began using a 35MM camera. Flower
photos using a macro lens is one of my favorite subjects. Scenery in Colorado, or taking
photos of people in natural settings. I've always wanted to try news photography.

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I write articles for
My topic is:
Technology and the Learning Disabled.
Ideas on how to use technology to make life a little easier.


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Page update
November 24, 2002

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